Japanese Language Classes

Welcome to our website - "Association of Japanese Language Volunteers in Matsudo City".

We are conducting Japanese language classes to support foreigners residing in or near Matsudo city.
Please come and join us.   Let’s study Japanese language and have fun together.
Application for new intake is opened now.  To apply, please contact MIEA   ※)
  ※)MIEA: Matsudo International Exchange Association (quasi-public organization co-hosting
      Japanese language classes)


★Japanese Language Classes Annual Schedule
   in the fiscal year of 2022 (April to Next March)    

    ※1、※2  Venue: to see MAP1/MAP2 of Access Map, please click here.


★Levels by program
   Primary Ⅰ: For students who have just started studying Japanese language  (A/B/C/D classes).
   Primary Ⅱ: For students who have completed Primary I ("Minna no Nihongo I").
   Primary Ⅲ: For students who have completed Primary Ⅱ("Minna no Nihongo Ⅱ" or "Weekly J").
   Kanji : For students who are at the level of, or higher than D class of Primary Ⅰ.
   Let's chat: Any student can attend this class regardless of the level.
 ・Fee: 1,000yen per class for one term.
 ・Additional: prior to the attendance at classes you are requested to become a member of MIEA.           MIEA membership fee per fiscal year is 1,000yen. (fiscal year period: April ~ March next year)
   ・For detailed information, please contact MIEA by phone (number: 047-366-7310) or by e-mail
     (mail address: office@miea.or.jp).   


         Primary Ⅰ    Primary Ⅱ     Primary Ⅱ
  『Minna no Nihongo Ⅰ』
  『Minna no Nihongo Ⅱ』
     『Weekly J  book1』
     Primary Ⅲ
   『Itsuka dokoka de』
※After the class you will attend is determined please obtain your own textbook.  Our association and MIEA do not sell the textbooks except for Kanji class.




毎月11日イオン北小金店・ダイエー松戸店にある「日本語ボランティア会」のボックスにレシートを入れてください。 私たちの活動がサポートされます。
28年度は、いただいたギフトカードで教室で使うマーカーなどを購入しました。 ご協力ありがとうございました。



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